Welcome To Osman Group

Osman Group Ltd, Established in 15th March, 2000, is a diversified conglomerate with primary focus on ready-made knit garments manufacturing. Osman Group has expended dramatically over the past one decades and built a remarkable distinction as an exporting this challenging part of the world. As an emerging business, Osman Group believes in the wisdom of looking not just around the corner, but over the horizon. Osman Group has earned unrivaled success in the field of ready-made knit Garments. It is located Kayempur (Shibu market), Fatullah, Narayanganj, one of the industrial cities of Bangladesh. Employment of 1500 workers & staffs.

Osman Group always seeks co-operation based on credit standing, more international partners for the glory in the 21st century, better service & mutual benefit. Osman Group is equipped with latest modern Machineries for,knitting,Dyeing,Mesh fabrics, Sewing, Cutting, Ironing & packaging etc. The group represents 06 business enterprise and has an annual turnover of USD $ 20 million.